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Dolphins in the red zone: Week 12

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I've put off this post too long already this week. But the fact of the matter is I just didn't want to have to talk about "the play call" ever again. Alas, I have duties and I honor my duties.

The Dolphins were again excellent in the red zone on Sunday in Buffalo - minus one poor decision. The Dolphins scored touchdowns on two of their three red zone possessions.

Their first red zone possession was on the offense's first possession. On a 1st & 10 from Buffalo's 37, Ricky Williams ran left for 11 yards. Then he ran up the middle for 7 - getting the Fins into the red zone. A defensive offsides penalty gave the Dolphins a 1st & 10 at Buffalo's 14. Ricky then ran for 6 yards and again for 5 yards - giving the Dolphins a 1st & goal from the 3 yard line. That's when Dan Henning "got cute" and decided to out-think himself. He let Ricky throw it out of the 'Wildcat" and it was intercepted. We all know that the Dolphins should have run the ball once or twice from the three before even thinking about having Williams pass it. But it is what it is.

That was the Dolphins first red zone turnover since week three when Ronnie Brown fumbled at the goal line.

Other than that mistake, though, the Dolphins again took care of business inside the red zone. On their second offensive possession, the Dolphins again marched down into the red zone - this time on the heels of a Chad Henne to Anthony Fasano 16 yard pass play, giving Miami a 1st & goal from the 7. Williams ran for four yards. But a Jake Long false start - a rare red zone penalty - backed the Dolphins up. Another Ricky four yard run put the Dolphins in a 3rd & goal from the 4. That's when Henne made an outstanding play, staying alive in the pocket and throwing a lob into the back corner of the endzone. Brian Hartline was on the same page as Henne, as he gets to the back corner and makes a leaping grab - coming down with both feet in the endzone for the touchdown.

The Dolphins also opened up the second half with another scoring drive. This time, it was a Henne to Hartline 20 yard catch and run - a smart play by Hartline to get up and gain 7 more yards after diving to make the catch, knowing he was never touched down - that set the Dolphins up with a 1st & goal from the 1 yard line. On second down from the one, the Dolphins did what they should have done earler in the game - going into the 'Wildcat' and letting Ricky pound it in for the touchdown.

The Dolphins, despite their one mistake, are still converting 64% of their red zone trips into touchdowns - a very good stat.