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Update: Jake Long only Dolphins' Pro-Bowler

Update: The official Pro Bowl rosters are here. The only Dolphin to make it is Jake Long - who will start at tackle along with fellow second-year tackle Ryan Clady of the Broncos. This is Long's second time being named to the Pro Bowl in just his second season. But it's the first time Jake was named a starter. Congrats to him!

Meanwhile, Lousaka Polite was robbed at fullback - as Baltimore's Le'Ron McClain was named the Pro Bowler at that position. But I guess we should have expected this, as often times players get named to the team thanks to their name recognition more so than their actual season performance. [End update]

Tonight at 7 pm eastern, the 2009 Pro Bowl teams will be announced live on NFL Network. I'm sure they will also post the rosters over at for you to browse quickly.

Speaking of, Vic Carruci shares his thoughts today on who should make the Pro Bowl for both the AFC and NFC. And I can't help but question the man's opinions. On one hand, he says Lousaka Polite should be the guy at fullback - and we'd all agree. On the other hand, he doesn't even mention Jake Long, instead writing that Vernon Carey is a "worthy candidate." Seriously - does this man even watch Dolphin games?

Carruci also thinks Yeremiah Bell is worthy of the strong safety spot. While I'd love to see it, I'm not 100% sure he really deserves it. But we'll see.

In my opinion, the Dolphins with the best chances are Polite and Long. Hopefully we get at least one of those two in.

Use this thread to discuss the selections once they are announced.