AFC Playoff Picture

No matter what, if we lose a game, it doesn't matter what any of this says.

For now, Jax and Baltimore have tiebreakers over us due to conference records.

Jax 6-3 Balt 6-4 Us 5-4

We need New England to lose a game in order to take the division. As everyone knows, we own tiebreaker over Jest.

Next week we get Tennesse, which scares me. Must find a way to stop CJ. Then Houston who always finds a way to beat us, and finally Pittsburgh who I hope is totally depleted by then.

New England has Buffalo, Jax, and Houston

Baltimore has The Bears, Pittsburgh, and Oakland

Jax has Indy, NE, and Cleveland

Without a doubt we have the toughest road to the playoffs. I believe that NE is having internal problems that may beat them, Balt has the division game vs Pitt that they might lose, and Jax has it tough as well but we need them to lose one more as well.

Here is a link I have been following for the playoffs and tiebreakers

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