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Post-Game Thread: Dolphins hang tough but fall to Pats

A loss is a loss. But I'm very proud of how the Dolphins stuck with the Patriots. We all know that the Pats are the more talented team. But this Dolphins team played right with them. So let's not get too frustrated here.

The Patriots did win 27-17. But I'm not hanging my head at all.

As far as Ted Ginn goes, lay off him. Yes, he dropped that nice 4th down pass form Henne. But we should all know by now that Teddy isn't going to make that catch. In fact, no Dolphins' receiver is probably making that catch. That's the biggest need right now - a true number one, go-to receiver who will make those big catches.

Oh - and Brian Hartline dropped a pass on what would have been a big pass completion two plays earlier. And Davone Bess had a couple of drops himself. So don't single out Ginn.

That's all I'll say for now. Use this thread to discuss the game. Please don't create a new fanpost just to write a few sentences about today's game - that's what this post is for. So keep all of the talk about today's game in this thread.

My usual recap post will follow tonight.