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Hey Jason, tell us how you really feel...

Incase you needed another reason to love Jason Taylor.  As if his return home to Miami this season wasn't enough of a reason to love that man, I offer you this.

Jason Taylor recently taped an interview for Sirius NFL Radio that will air on Friday.  But ESPN's Tim Graham got a hold of some of what Taylor said and posted it in his blog.  I just wanted to highlight a couple of JT's quotes.

How happy were you to have the opportunity to score a touchdown on Sunday against the Jets, Jason?

"To score a touchdown in New York against the Jets in the last time I'll be in the hellhole they call a stadium up there before they get rid of it and move to the new one, it was outstanding."

Why do you dislike Jet fans so much, Jason?

"It's the times like this where you beat them and they just keep talking. They just keep going, and they just don't know when to be quiet."

"You know, I've said a lot of things about Jets fans in the past, and I’m sure at heart they're good people. Most of them are good people. The Giants fans are a different type of people. Just put it that way. There's a little more class on the Giants' side, and some Jets fans take the 'c-l' out of class."

On a side note, I know exactly what Jason means.  Living in Jersey about a half hour south of the Meadowlands, I know many fans of both the Jets and Giants.  And yes, Giants fans are completely different - in a good way.

There are a couple of more good Taylor quotes in the post.  And if you have Sirius radio, I suggest listening on Friday to Adam Schein's show to hear the full interview.