My First Dolphins Game Ever...with some pictures

I didn't think I'd have to come make this post on here after a loss but this game was just one of the many disappointments that I should have at least thought could happen. I have to say up until the game actually started being played, I was having fun but it happened to go downhill from there. But on to my game day story...

We arrive at the stadium and I decided to get decked out in Dolphins things because I expected my clothing to do my talking for me, but as you all know it didn't pay out to be like that. I wore my authentic Ronnie Brown jersey, a Dolphins sweatshirt, my Dolphins jacket, Dolphins gloves, a Dolphins hat, and even Dolphins socks. We get out of the truck and I was happy to see there were plenty of Dolphins fans there, but not enough of course. I didn't hear any insults until we got right up to where we needed to be to enter the stadium. We were supposed to go tailgate with some family friends but we chose not to in-order to go take pictures of the players warming up.

We decided to just go on down to the corner of where the end zone section and the field sections met, aka 117, and see if we could see some players. When we got out there a few players were just stretching and of course our punter, long snapper, and kicker were already out there doing our thing. We we lucky enough to be on the visitor side so we got a pretty good view of our players and it was pretty much all Dolphins fans over where we were except like 4 Bills fans. Ricky Williams happened to be one of those non-dressed players out there warming up and gave us all a smile as he walked by.

Then I continued to just take pictures of Dan Carpenter kicking field goals and I got a few pictures of Rian Lindell and Brian Moorman, too. Then our team started coming out a few groups at a time. First our wide receivers and special teams players, then the corners and safeties, then the quarterbacks, the running backs, then the o-line, and so forth. The corner backs and safeties started warming up right in front of we were, so that was pretty cool. This annoying like 7 year old boy, a Bills fan, kept naming the last name on their jerseys and saying they sucked so each time he did that all of us Dolphins fans yelled and clapped for them. Then I'm pretty sure Stephen Ross walked by with his posse, but I could be wrong.

Then it was time for the o-line to warm up in front of where we were and then my hate for some Bills fans strongly developed. It was annoying enough that the father of the 7 year old let him run his mouth, but it got even worse when he started running his mouth. Vernon Carey was standing there and the guy was like, "you going to Burger King after this, fatass?" and obviously no one in the o-line cared about what some stupid Bills fans had to say but then they continued to call those guys fat and I'm standing there thinking to myself, "those guys are like monsters compared to you, if you were standing in front of them you'd piss your pants." But I kept my mouth shut for that time. So then the o-line left and then the whole team stretched together and then my story gets real good.

So Channing Crowder happens to wander over near our area and the idiot Bills fan kept yelling things at him and Channing didn't say anything. So then he was like, "Nice Tramp-Stamp Channing" and Channing looked over and laughed and appeared to mouth, "yeah I know." As he was walking away he pulls his pads up more and his jersey and shows his back and shakes it. Then continues to walk away but the Bills fan was like, "Did your boyfriend put that there?" and Channing did one of the funniest things I've ever seen, he stuck one of his hands down his pants and pulled it out with his middle finger up and every single person in our section burst out laughing and cheered him on. I almost lost it, it was the coolest thing I've ever seen a professional athlete do in real life.

So basically after that Jason Taylor threw a ball our way then we went to our seats.

I'll upload the pictures if someone explains how and then I'll include our bad experience with the Bills fans that way this story isn't all in one part. This post would have been less boring and made more sense with the pictures but I'm too pissed to sit here an attempt to load them on here. Although too bad you guys aren't my facebook friends, and never will be or else you'd already be able to see them.

Oh and p.s. to all....I love the nose view ever.

Ralph Wilson Stadium











There was over 100 so this is just some of them.

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