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Fears confirmed: Ronnie Brown's season is over

So I'm in my car driving home when my cell phone starts blowing up with text messages. And it was not good news.

Various sources - including ESPN, the Palm Beach Post, and the Miami Herald - are confirming that the Dolphins have indeed placed Ronnie Brown on Injured Reserve, ending his 2009 season with a foot injury.

We should learn more about the severity of Ronnie's foot injury in terms of long-term issues in the coming days. But speculation is that Ronnie suffered the dreaded Lisfranc fracture - which is treatable but requires rest for weeks.

This means that Ricky Williams will suddenly be thrust back into the workhorse role - a role he isn't exactly a big fan of. Expect to see some opportunities for Lex Hilliard and Kory Sheets as well.

You also can't help but wonder about Ronnie's future in Miami. If a new CBA is not reached between the players and the owners, then Brown is under contract in Miami for one more season - with a salary of $5 million. But if a new CBA is reached prior to the start of the 2010 "league year" - meaning that the uncapped season does not happen - then Brown is a free agent.

It's a tough break for Ronnie, no doubt about it. And it's sickening to me as well - as one of the NFL's "good guys" suffers his second season-ending injury in three years. Talk about bad luck.