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No news, but some speculation about Ronnie Brown's injury [updated]

Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano just finished his day-after press conference. The first thing he was asked, of course, was about Ronnie Brown and his ankle injury. Sparano said that he has undergone tests but that they are still "gathering information" and should know more about it sometime tonight.

Meanwhile, FOX Sports' Jay Glazer tweets that it's not just an ankle injury bothering Ronnie:

ronnie brown's ankle injury is actually not what team is most concerned with. he also has a foot injury that has them worried

This is the first we've heard about any kind of foot injury. We know that Brown was seen leaving the stadium yesterday on crutches. But we also know that x-rays came back negative. But the results of his MRI from today - and any other test he may have undergone - aren't known to this point.

Armando Salguero does add that Brown was still on crutches today - but was not in a protective boot. He was wearing sneakers.

We should know more by tomorrow, but I certainly am not optimistic about Brown being available for Thursday. Sparano did say that if Ronnie is unavailable for Thursday night's game, Lex Hilliard will need to be prepared to carry the ball.

[UPDATE: Because the Dolphins play on Thursday, the NFL requires them to put out an injury report - even if the team didn't actually practice. Ronnie Brown is listed on the report that the Dolphins put out on Monday night. But he's not listed with an ankle injury - he's listed with a foot injury.

Meanwhile, on his weekly radio spot in South Florida, Brown said that while he can't get into too much detail about his injury - per team rules - he can say that nothing is broken and that there is swelling and he's waiting on the swelling to do down. But he seemed to be in good spirits - so that's good.]