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Post-Game Celebration Thread

This was a game that shouldn't have been that close. But a win is a win - as the Dolphins led, then blew the lead, then came from behind with under 2 minutes to knock off the Bucs 25-23 at Land Shark Stadium.

I suppose Chad Henne's performance on their final game-winning drive makes up for his terrible decision on the previous drive that resulted in that interception.

Shout out to Dan Carpenter - because he has earned that DC$ nickname.

Hopefully Ronnie Brown's ankle injury isn't that serious. Brown missing any time would obviously suck.

Use this thread to discuss today's game. For the sake of keeping the FanPost section organized, please don't make any FanPosts that are about just this game - keep those comments here. That's what this thread is for.

Usual game recap to come late tonight. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone.