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Post-Game Celebration Thread

It's never easy with these Dolphins, is it?  But a win is a win.  And the Dolphins traveled up to the Meadowlands and played their final game in this current Giants Stadium, and head home tonight with a 30-25 win.

It might have been ugly, but the Dolphins are 3-0 in the division.  Now maybe the Jets will shut the hell up.  Or are Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, and Kerry Rhodes going to run their mouths again even after getting swept by the Dolphins.

Ted Ginn - on this day, we all love you.  We really do...for now.

Celebrate and enjoy the win.  Then it's time for New England next week.

Usual full recap post to come tonight/tomorrow morning.  And please, rather than starting a million new fanposts about this game, keep most of the talk in this thread.  Thanks.

Enjoy the rest of your football Sunday.