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Dolphins in the red zone

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It's no secret that one of the issues the Dolphins had in their first three games was there production and efficiency once they got inside their opponents' 20 yard line.  Entering Sunday's game, the Dolphins were only coming away with touchdowns on 50% of their red zone trips - while also turning the ball over on 25% of those trips.

But the Dolphins did an excellent job on Sunday against the Bills at getting into the endzone, converting 4 of their 5 red zone trips into touchdowns.

Their first red zone trip on Sunday probably got many fans worried.  The Dolphins ran the ball twice, got sacked once, and settled for just a field goal.  It looked as if it was going to be the same old story.  But they quickly righted the ship, so to speak.  And a big part of it was thanks to some good play-calling.

On their second red zone trip, for example, the Dolphins faced a 3rd & goal from the one yard line.  In my opinion, I think the coaches already decided in their heads that they were going to go for it on 4th down, which allowed the Dolphins to take a chance and put the ball in the air.  The pass was incomplete, but the Dolphins pounded it in with Ronnie Brown on the next play.

I also really loved the call on 1st & goal from Buffalo's 5 yard line on their next red zone trip - putting Brian Hartline in motion from left to right and then letting Chad Henne fling it out right towards the front pilon.  It was a great play design, and an excellent throw and catch by Henne and Hartline.

Thanks to their performance against the Bills, the Dolphins are now converting 62% of their red zone trips into touchdowns - a very respectable figure.  But the going will get a lot tougher next week when the Jets come to town.  But hey - have no fear - the power of the orange jerseys will win out!