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Dolphins vs Saints Prediction Time

Following Miami's impressive win over the Jets two weeks ago, it seems like more and more people are at least giving the Dolphins more respect.  But does that translate into more "experts" picking the Dolphins to upset the Saints?  Below are some picks:

Chris Mortensen - NO Adam Schefter - NO Mark Schlereth - Mia
Tom Jackson - Mia Chris Carter - NO Pete Prisco - NO
Harmon Forecast - NO Peter King - NO PFT - Mia
Charles Robinson - NO Jason Cole - NO Michael Silver - NO

Alright - clearly, the Dolphins, despite their new found respect from the mainstream media, are still not liked by many to pull off the upset.  But you know what?  Nobody picked the 1-6 Dolphins to beat the 7-0 Bears in Chicago a few years back.  How did that turn out?

With that said, I'm still not "eating the cheese."  The Dolphins are better than their 2-3 record implies.  But they aren't good enough to keep up with the Saints.  If things don't come together in the secondary quickly, the Dolphins won't win this game.

We saw that even owning the ball for 3/4ths of the game isn't good enough if your defense just gives up touchdown after touchdown.  But if the Dolphins can just keep this game close into the fourth quarter, they could steal this game away from New Orleans.  But they must play mistake free.  A little help from mother nature wouldn't hurt, either.  Wind and rain, anyone?

My Week 7 Locks
Falcons +3.5 over Cowboys
- This Atlanta team is for real, folks.  They can beat you multiple ways and they will indeed walk into Big D and win this game out-right.  But getting 3.5 points makes this pick even safer.
Colts -12.5 over Rams - The Colts will dominate against one of the league's two worst teams.  And they even welcome back Bob Sanders to help on defense.  This one could get ugly.
Packers -6.5 over Browns - Assuming the Packers can keep Aaron Rodgers upright (which has been an issue at times this year), Green Bay should waltz into Cleveland and win by double digits against a team that has serious issues scoring any points at all.
Chargers - 4.5 over Chiefs - The Chargers, like the Dolphins, aren't your typical 2-3 team.  They'll find a way to win this game by a touchdown or so.

Last Week: 2-2
Season: 7-9