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More pot stirring: Dwayne Bowe rumors continue to fly, but don't expect anything

We've heard rumblings for about a week now that the Chiefs are shopping wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and that the Dolphins might be interested.  But we really have no evidence that the Dolphins even reached out to Kansas City.

But today, WQAM's Steve Goldstein tweeted that the Dolphins have "explored the possibility" of trading for Bowe.  What that means we have no idea.  But Goldstein also tweeted that he's heard KC wants a 2nd round pick, another mid-round pick, and even possibly something else in exchange for Bowe.

Meanwhile, ProFootballTalk is reporting that Chief head coach Todd Haley "tore into Bowe early in Sunday's win over the Redskins, urging Bowe to pick up his game and threatening to trade Bowe if he didn't."  The apparent threat seemed to work out nicely, with Bowe posting over 100 yards receiving en route to KC's first win of the season.

It's an interesting way to motivate a player - and you have to wonder how much Haley's motivational tactics were drawn from actual fact.

However, it still seems like a long shot that the Dolphins would make this kind of move - giving up the picks they would have to give up - to get a receiver like Bowe.  WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray agrees.  He said earlier today on his show that he doubts the Dolphins will make any move prior to tomorrow's trade deadline.