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Dolphins in the red zone: Week 5

This post is sponsored by Comcast and their NFL RedZone channel.  Want to see every touchdown from every NFL game as it happens as well as live look-ins to all of Sunday's games in key situations?  Then you need Comcast's NFL RedZone.  And it's especially good when the Dolphins are on their bye week - such as this upcoming week.

For the second consecutive week, the Miami Dolphins were able to finish off their drives with touchdowns.  All but one of their four red zone trips resulted in touchdowns.  And seven of Miami's last nine red zone trips have resulted in seven over the course of their last two games.  Is it any wonder why the Dolphins have won those last two?

We can talk all day about that final drive last week against the Jets and just how amazing of a drive it was - capped off with a Ronnie Brown 'Wildcat' touchdown with under ten seconds left.  But we've already focused on that drive quite a bit.  But what about Miami's other red zone drives?

Their first trip into the red zone on Monday came on the game's first possession.  And the biggest play down there was a 3rd & 3 pass from Chad Henne to Ted Ginn that picked up four yards and a first down inside NY's 5 yard line.  On that play, Ginn beat Darrelle Revis on a drag route across the field.  It was a tigh spot, but Henne fit it in and Ginn held on for a big early-game reception.  Three plays later, the Dolphins took a 7-0 lead on a one yard TD run by Ronnie.

The one red zone trip that did not result in a touchdown was the one in which Ricky Williams took a screen pass 59 yards down inside NY's 20 yard line.  But failed execution cost the Dolphins from there.  There was nothing wrong with any of the play calls.  The Jets just did a fine job of stuffing the run and then covering down the field on 2nd and 3rd downs.

For the season, though, the Dolphins are now converting on 65% of their red zone trips - a very good number.  And if not for one piss-poor performance agains the Chargers (1/4), the Dolphins would actually be converting on 77% of their trips into the red zone.  As it is, though, the Dolphins have been doing a great job the last two weeks of scoring touchdowns - and perhaps more importantly - not turning the ball over once they get inside the 20 yard line.

Hopefully we'll see even more success in week 7 when the Dolphins welcome the Saints to Land Shark Stadium.