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Dolphins respond to Jets' disrespect

Earlier today I posted some of the ridiculous comments made by Jets' linebackers Calvin Pace and Bart Scott following the Dolphins' win over the Jets on Monday night.  Truth be told, it seemed like the Jets didn't realize after the game that they did indeed get beat.  Why else would they make some of those dumb comments?

Regardless, today was the first time since those comments were made that Miami's players were available to the media.  And, of course, the media made sure to bring up the comments.  Some Dolphins responded.

Channing Crowder, of course, led the parade, saying:

"We nonsensed their ass all the way up and down the field. Nonsense, I love nonsense. They say gimmick, gimmick this, gimmick that. We’ve won games with the Wildcat."

"They ran two fake punts. So if you’re going to say gimmicks, those are real gimmicks. Wildcat is an offensive formation. They have thousands of plays on film about it, go stop it."

"Shut up about all the junk talking. We’ll see them in three more weeks, so the hell with them."

Jason Ferguson was also asked for a reaction to the comments made by Calvin Pace:

"Wow, really? Who is this guy? What's his name again? Ain't he a rookie or something? Isn't that the rookie from Ohio State? Or you talking about the guy from Arizona? Yeah, ok, it's cool, if that's what he sees. It ain't nothing. That's how ya'll want to treat it, it's cool. You'll see it again in two weeks. No comments here. I'm good. I'll stay away from that one. He's fooling himself."

"I got nothing for Calvin. I don't even know that dude. I'll let him have his battle with the Wildcat. It looks like he lost already."

But I think it's Ronnie Brown - the Wildcat's triggerman - who said it best, with his "patented smile":

"I think we’re all afraid of what we do not understand."

"Coming into the game we're watching how they blitz and we were like, 'OK we'll just sit back and play football then and let's see who has the tougher 11 people on the field.' "