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Week 5 Open Thread

I saw Calvin at a bar last night and I asked him what he thought would happen tomorrow night when the Dolphins and Jets battle on Monday Night Football.  Above was his response.

Anyways, this is your open thread for all of Sunday's action.  Feel free to discuss whatever you'd like.

I'll be paying special attention to the Broncos/Patriots game at 4:15 ET today.  If the Broncos can pull off the win and the Dolphins can take care of their own business tomorrow night, Miami would be just one game behind both the Jets and Pats heading into their bye.  Not bad after a disappointing 0-3 start.  Needless to say, tomorrow's game is a big one for our Fins!

Enjoy your football Sunday, everybody!  And be sure to come back later tonight/tomorrow morning for my "keys to victory" post.