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Lay off Ted Ginn

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Enough already, people.  We get it.  You aren't happy that the Dolphins spent the ninth overall pick on Ted Ginn.  But don't write crap like this one site wrote, in regards to some of the top needs of this team:

A legitimate threat at wide receiver. Ted Ginn was horrible today and his bumbling mishandle of a reverse late in the game squashed Miami's momentum and a scoring threat that would have made it a three point game. He continues to show us nothing. Teddy Ginn needs to be Teddy Gone. (take your family too).

Now I'm not saying I don't agree that the Dolphins need a legitimate #1 receiver.  They most certainly do.

But to call out Teddy like this is ridiculous.  Does he really continue to show nothing?  I guess the writer of this didn't see what I saw.  Because I saw a young wide receiver show more flashes of his potential.  I saw a receiver gel with a quarterback after catching passes from 3 different QBs during his rookie year.  And I saw a player who will make a great #2 wide receiver.

The problem here is that people hold Ginn's draft status, a #9 overall pick, against him.  But here's the thing: IT'S NOT HIS FAULT!  Blame Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller for the pick.  But don't hold it against Teddy for being drafted earlier than he should have.  I know - it's not smart to spend a top 10 pick , or any first rounder, on a player who will likely only become a #2 receiver at this level.  But it isn't Ted's fault.

All I know is that Ginn doubled his TD output from his rookie season, catching 2 and running for 2 more.  And his 2nd year stat line isn't as bad as some make it out to be (56-790-2).  In fact, his first two seasons are very close to the first 2 seasons of another small, fast receiver: Steve Smith.  Like many receivers, Smith broke out in his 3rd year.  The major difference, of course, is each player's draft position.  Smith was a 3rd round pick by the Panthers.  But, again, Ginn's draft position is not his fault.

Ginn's 2nd year production is also very similar to Marvin Harrison's - who caught 73 balls for 866 yards.  And Ginn's first two seasons are also better than the first two seasons of Roddy White, Hines Ward, Donald Driver, and Santana Moss. 

So how about we give the kid some more time before we say things like "Teddy Ginn needs to be Teddy Gone."  And remember, these people who are criticizing him now will love him when he becomes the kind of player I think he is going to become.  But I'm forgiving - I'll let you "fans" back on the bandwagon when that time comes.

But you'll have to apologize to Teddy himself first.