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Just say no to "him"

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Sure, the loss still stings.  But it's time to shift into offseason mode.  And with that, we'll talk a lot about the top moments from this past season.  I'll have some highlights for you guys as well.  We'll also talk about some of the roster moves that should/shouldn't happen.  And, of course, we'll talk a lot about both free agency and the NFL Draft.

But we'll start out with one major topics that is being talked about right now.

I'd like you to meet somebody.  His name you will learn about later.  But first let me discuss with you his credentials. 

He's spent the past 20 years as the general manager of an NFL team.  During his 20 year tenure, his team won 4 division titles.  His team averaged just under nine wins per season.  And his team never reached a Super Bowl, losing once in the conference title game.  In his 20 years, his team reached the playoffs 8 times - but won just 3 playoff games.

That's right - 3 playoff wins in 20 years.  And recently, he "resigned"  (aka was forced to resign; aka was fired) after his team compiled a 15-33 record.

This mystery man is former Chiefs GM Carl Peterson.  And recent reports indicate that new Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been talking with him.  In fact, Peterson, a longtime friend of Mr. Ross, was at Sunday's Dolphins game, haning out with Ross.  He was even on the sidelines before the game and was seen wearing a Dolphins pin.  The Miami Herald is even reporting that Peterson was overheard referring to the Dolphins as "we" and "we're."

Oh dear God, why would Stephen Ross do this?  Doesn't he realize that the Dolphins already have a top "football guy" named Bill Parcells and a GM, who has been successful in just 1 year, named Jeff Ireland?  Is he really going to risk screwing this thing up?

I have many longtime friends, too.  But if I ran a business, I wouldn't hire them just because I know them.  Hell - half of them I'd keep far away from my business.

So why am I so worried?  Even if Ross isn't thinking about Peterson in a true "football role" with this team, you'd have to think Ross is smart enough to realize that bringing in a guy who likes having total control could potentially create some problems with the regime that's already in place, right?

Something else to keep in mind, too, is that Ireland worked for 4 years as a scout for Peterson in Kansas City.  But you can't imagine Ireland, who has worked his tail off to get the job he has now, would be dumb enough to bring in his former boss, right?

I'll be honest.  I'm worried.  Bringing in Peterson in any capacity is a mistake.  Even if it's as a "business only" position, it's easy to see he and Parcells butting heads.  And if this drives Parcells out of Miami, I will fly down there and kick the crap out of both Ross and Peterson.

Listen to me, and pretty much all Dolphin fans, Mr. Ross - do not hire Carl Peterson.  There's a reason people in KC are celebrating now that "King Carl" is no longer there.