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Huizenga: Parcells likely to stay in Miami

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Leading up to the Dolphins' first playoff game in 7 years, we heard a lot about the architect of this remarkable turnaround, VP of Football Operations Bill Parcells, might decide to leave the Dolphins' organization when Wayne Huizenga sold his remaining shares to new owner Stephen Ross.

However, Huizenga said after the game today that Parcells will be back in Miami:

"Bill's going to stay," Huizenga said. "He told me [Friday] he's going to stay. He said he likes it here."

Considering he has a home in South Florida and enjoys spending time down in South Florida, it was unlikely Bill was ever really considering leaving.  But the national media being what it is, they had to just crap on our parade these past 10 days or so.

But now we can rest easy - knowing that the man whose hiring began this amazing turnaround will be around, at least for one more season.  That makes me even more anxious already for the offseason to get underway.

Hat tip to "oceantracks" for linking to the article in our post-game thread, which is directly below this post.