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Playoff Experience

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I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering how many Dolphin players actually have playoff experience.  So I got that info for you.

But first, two quick things.  First, so much for the "experts."  The home "underdogs" set the tone to Wild Card Weekend by winning their games on Saturday.  Kudos to the Cards and Chargers.

Secondly, did anyone see this article about Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas?  Specifically, I wanted to highlight this nugget from the article:

Although the situation might seem ironic, neither player is bitter, Taylor said. In fact, Taylor found himself quietly celebrating as he got periodic updates about the Dolphins' score against the Jets -- all while his Redskins were playing the 49ers.

'What better way to get there than to beat the stinkin' Jets!'' Taylor said.

After the Redskins lost and Taylor entered the locker room, he heard the final result -- that the Dolphins had won the AFC East title. Still wearing his uniform, he sent congratulatory text messages to Vonnie Holliday, Channing Crowder, Ronnie Brown and Joey Porter.

''Congrats on making the playoffs,'' Taylor wrote. ``Now, keep it up for four more weeks.''

Nice to hear that JT still cares about the players - even if he did weasel his way off of the team last offseason.

Anyways, sixteen Dolphins have played in at least 1 playoff game.  But one of them is Ernest Wilford, so he doesn't count.  Nine of them have started a playoff game.  Below is the full list of playoff games played (GP) and playoff games started (GS):

Player GP GS
Joey Porter 10 10
Jason Ferguson 7 7
Chad Pennington 5 5
Vonnie Holliday 5 5
Reggie Torbor 5 4
Akin Ayodele 3 2
Will Allen 2 2
Ernest Wilford 3 2
David Martin 3 1
Anthony Fasano 2 1
Nathan Jones 2 0
Ricky Williams 1 0
Randy Starks 1 0
Joey Thomas 1 0
Al Johnson 1 0
Lousaka Polite 1 0