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Bonus Video Time: Bruce Springsteen Edition

Yeah, that's right.  I'm doing it.  Time to get everyone pumped for tomorrow's Super Bowl Halftime Show.  Why?  Because Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band are guaranteed to put on the best halftime show.

And even the NFL knows it - as made clear in their announcement:

Sure, the main event is Steelers vs Cardinals.  But you wouldn't know that if you saw Bruce Springsteen's press conference on Thursday.  Some writers even believe that - other than media day on Tuesday - Bruce's press conference had the biggest audience of all the Super Bowl week festivities.  And's Gene Wojciechowski described it the best, saying:

And then a strange thing happened at the end of the news conference. Sportswriters clapped.

After all, it's no cheering in the press box. There's no rule about the media center.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I offer you this...

...three performances off of his "Live in Barcelona" DVD.

If those performances don't get you pumped, you might not have a pulse. Well - either that or Bruce just isn't your cup of tea. If that's the case, though, just don't tell me.

As for setlist predictions, if anyone is into that, I'm going to say a 4-song performance of Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Working on a Dream, Glory Days, and Born to Run - in some order.