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Parcells committed to Dolphins

Bill Parcells seems to be making the rounds today with the media.  And he just spent some time on the set of SportsCenter at the Super Bowl.  One of the questions that Trey Wingo asked Bill was about his "opt-out" clause.  Parcells spoke as directly as he ever has about the subject.  Said Parcells:

"My future?  I'm going to be with Miami until I feel that the team is in position and Jeff and Tony have had enough experience where they can handle it."

Wingo then asked Bill, "So you're committed through 2009?"  Parcells responded, "Yes.  Oh yeah.  Definitely."

So Dolphin fans can rest easy now.  This is the most definitive Bill has ever been about anything regarding his future.  And like all of you, I'm thrilled to hear it!

And, based on how Parcells answered the question, it does seem like those previous reports on how Bill feels a certain loyalty towards his two guys - Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland - are indeed accurate.  Clearly, Bill wants to make sure he sets up those 2 for long-term success in Miami.

One other note, as pointed out by Daniel52 in his FanPost, Parcells will be doing a live chat on at 5 pm eastern.  You can submit your questions for Bill right here.