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Wild Card Weekend: Saturday Games Open Thread

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As we patiently await tomorrow's game - which can't get here quick enough - I'm sure many of you will be watching today's 2 playoff games.  So use this thread to discuss them.


Should be an interesting matchup.  The Falcons will probably try to run all over the Cardinals' defense.  Arizona will probably look to pass all over Atlanta's defense.  So it'll be a battle of who can do what they do best better than their opponent.



This one should be fun to watch.  The Chargers and Colts are two of the NFL's hottest teams.  San Diego is finally playing like they should have been playing all year long.  On the flip side, the Colts can't run the ball and are relying on the NFL's MVP, Peyton Manning, to win games.  That works out good for Indy, though, since SD's pass defense is statistically one of the worst in the league.   A shoot-out here is likely and whichever team does come out on top will be dangerous as the playoffs progress.