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Sources say Dolphins want to re-sign Vernon Carey

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Don't you just love unnamed sources?  Regardless, the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Dolphins do indeed want to re-sign free agent tackle Vernon Carey.  Says the "source":

"The Dolphins want Carey back and they will continue to bolster their offensive line," the source said.

Now this story comes from Harvey Fialkov, who is down in Tampa for the Super Bowl.  So this source he spoke with could realistically be just about anyone in the football world. 

As many have said, and I would agree, I think bringing Carey back is very important.  It's not that he played great this year at right tackle - though he wasn't terrible, either.  It's just the idea that there's no need to create more holes.  Why go through trying to find a new starting RT if you can just bring back the one you had - and one you know is capable of great things.  After all, we've seen the flashes.

There's also a chance Carey, who loves this town, will take a little less money to remain in Miami.  And if that's the case, there's no reason why the Dolphins shouldn't get him locked up to be bookends with Jake Long along this offensive line.