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Rex Ryan already on my nerves

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As you may or may not know, the Jets are the team I hate the most in the NFL.  Some Dolphin fans will say they hate the Bills more because they prevented Dan Marino from reaching the Super Bowl as often as he should have.  Some might hate the Patriots the most for, well, obvious reasons (cheaters, bandwagon fans, etc...).  But I have and always will truly hate the Jets the most.

With that said, I never really hated one of the Jets' head coaches - at least for any reason other than he coached the team I hate most.  But Rex Ryan is already on my sh*t list.  I can't stand the guy.  Just looking at him makes me want to find the nearest kitten and kick it (no, not literally - I don't harm animals; so don't get on my case, PETA).

Seriously, I think this guy needs to be slapped back into reality.  He spoke at his introductory press conference in New York like he was the second coming of Christ.  His over-confident words were only outdone by his arrogant smile and cocky demeanor.

Right off the bat, Ryan starts off with these words being his first public comments as Jets' head coach.  After being introduced by owner Woody Johnson and receiving an applause, Ryan said:

"With all the cameras and all that, I was looking behind me for the new president.  But I think we'll get to meet him in the next couple of years anyway."

That was immediately followed by another applause by the NY media.  Yes, Rex Ryan is saying that the Jets will win a Super Bowl in the next couple of years, which would result in a trip to the White House to meet the president.  But somebody might need to tell him that his quarterback is either Brett Favre (aka Mr. Interception) or Kellen Clemens - who is so bad he doesn't even get a nickname.  But maybe Rex still hasn't popped in the 2008 film yet - so he might not realize just how far away the Jets are from contending for a Super Bowl.

You know, I think part of the reason why Ryan seems to cocky is because he hasn't realized yet that he doesn't have the kind of defense he had in Baltimore.  Perhaps somebody should let him in on that little nugget of information.  In fact, Ryan even began making statements like this at the press conference:

"This is a great marriage right here, I can honestly say.  The style of defense that we're gonna play - with our fans - wooo, it's gonna be rough on people.  In Baltimore, it was pretty rough on people.  This year, nobody scored more than 13 points against us at home."

Two things.  One - since when were Jet fans such great fans?  These are the same people who cheered when then Jet QB Chad Pennington got hurt and had to be replaced.  Two - what do statistics from when he was in Baltimore have to do with how he'll perform in New York?  Just because a coordinator had great success with one team - one with a lot of talent - doesn't mean he'll have success as head coach of a different team.  We saw that first-hand with Cam Cameron.  Great success in San Diego.  He leaves and comes to Miami, where the talent level wasn't close, and the offense still struggles.  Am I missing something?  Do the Jets have players like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Bart Scott, Ed Reed, and Haloti Ngata?  Not even close.

Of course, one thing Ryan is going to bring to the Jets will likely be their physical, borderline dirty play.  Said Ryan:

"We're gonna take care of each other.  The players will have each other's backs.  You take a swipe at one of ours and we'll take a swipe at two of yours.  And that's just the way this game is gonna be played."

If I'm Tony Sparano, I'm encouraging my players to take some swipes at the Jets now.  After all, it's always the guy who retaliates who gets caught.  If Ryan plans on teaching his team to be undisciplined aggressors who will have a tendency to be overzealous, might as well use that knowledge to our advantage.

One thing is for sure.  While Tony Sparano believes in the "when we win, we're humble" philosophy, Rex Ryan clearly prefers the "I'm going to be a cocky, arrogant jackass before I even prove I can win anything without my stars in Baltimore" philosophy - as proven by this quote:

"The message to the rest of the league is, hey, the Jets are coming, and we're going to give you everything we got.  And I think that's going to be more than you can handle."

Really?  More than Tony Sparano and his team can handle?  Bring it, Rexy.  Just bring it.

The guy clearly likes to run his mouth.  Some might like their head coach to be overly confident and arrogant.  I don't.  And it's going to make it that much more fun to watch the Jets crumble - as they tend to do - during the course of the season.