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Mid-week Nuggets

While the Dolphins continue to settle into "offseason mode," there's still a lot going on.  So let's quickly talk about what's happening.

As you all know by now, Wayne Huizenga officially sold all but 5% of his stake in the Dolphins to new owner Stephen Ross.  And with that, the mainstream media can't seem to stop talking about the escape clause that Bill Parcells has in his contract, which would allow Bill to step down as Dolphins' VP of Football Operations but still get paid the full amount of the contract.  Parcells now has 30 days to opt out, if he so chooses.

But all indications are that Parcells will remain in Miami.  It's been reported for some time that Parcells doesn't want to leave his two guys - Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano - high and dry like that.  It's also believed that Bill might feel like his legacy is on the line here in Miami and that he won't bail on it.

We know the new owner wants Parcells to remain in Miami - saying as much in his immediate statement released by the team following the closing of the sale as well as in his conference call with the media.

But what does Bill want?  He's currently down in Mobile observing the Senior Bowl practices with Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.  And today, some of the South Florida media was able to catch up with Parcells as he was heading towards his rental car following one of the practices.  They asked Parcells if he planned to stay in Miami.  Bill answered as only Bill can:

"What does it look like I’m doing?  What do your eyes tell you?”

And while Parcells wouldn't come out and guarantee he remains with the Dolphins, he sure sounds like he plans on remaining - as of now.  But Bill said he's seen that a lot can change in this business quickly and he'd "hate to be called a liar."  According to the Sun-Sentinel, though, Parcells has spoken with Ross and says he likes him.

But could Parcells be using his opt-out clause as leverage for more money?  According to Bill, money isn't an issue.  Says Parcells, "It's not about money.  I've got more than I can spend."

Right now, I just don't think we have to worry about Bill leaving the Dolphins.  So while some might be sweating out these next 30 days, I won't be one of them.

So, for the first time in 5 years, Bill Parcells decided to head to Mobile for Senior Bowl week - joining Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.  But why now?  The Sun-Sentinel tell us:

According to Parcells, he ended a five-year hiatus from the Senior Bowl because the Dolphins have "very specific" draft needs. He's already broken down film of certain players participating in Saturday's game, and the daily practices, and he's in Mobile to make sure they pass the eyeball test, and interviewed well.

We know what some of the needs are.  Myself and a few others have been breaking them down - and will continue to do so in the coming days.

So who are the Dolphins targeting?  It's too early to tell.  And what the Dolphins do in free agency could change their draft plans in a hurry.  But I did see one report which states that Dolphins representation was seen speaking with Western Michigan safety Louis Delmas.  And that excites me a bit.

Delmas measures in at 5'11, 197 and was reportedly "cut and developed."  So he'd pass that part of the Parcells "eyeball test."  At Western Michigan, Delmas was a 4 year starter and a team captain in both his junior and senior seasons.  He's a tough, physical safety who is effective in both run support and in coverage.  However, his timed speed likely won't be outstanding when he runs at the Combine, though it won't be too bad, either.  The thing about Delmas is that he's a true leader.  He's got great awareness and will rely on his instincts to make plays - which is good because his instincts tend to be right on.

One report from a practice this week raved about Delmas, saying:

Western Michigan S Louis Delmas really impressed me today. He played very physical and had some pop, seemed to transition well and even had one of the big hits of the day on Ramses Barden. Delmas also appeared to be one of the team leaders, barking out instructions to his defensive teammates from the deep safety spot.

Keep an eye on him as we move closer to the draft.

One player that many of you already love is Virginia Tech CB "Macho" Harris (real name: Victor - but who wants to call him that when you can refer to him as "Macho").  And Macho is apprently helping his stock so far this week in Mobile.  A scout said about Harris' performance at one of the practices this week that he "displayed eilite cover corner skills and was the most impressive defensive back in the press-man and off-man passing drills."

So I guess let that Macho Harris bandwagon build.  And I'll admit, I also have one leg on that bus.  Macho would sure look good in aqua.