2nd Round Possibilities- Getting to Know Victor "Macho" Harris

Victor "Macho" Harris 

Position- CB

School- Virginia Tech 

Status- Senior

Height- 6´0

Weight- 186lbs.

40- 4.45

Victor Harris is a native from Highland Springs, VA, where he went to high school and became an All-American athlete playing both sides of the ball. He enrolled in the university of Virginia Tech after being heavily recruited. He played four years in college, each one of them more productive than the last one. He is a player that showed a lot of potential and skills and that took advantage in his ability to learn and mature. His stats could be better but ACC opponents knew better that to test him. He also showed enough character to be an impact player on special teams as a true freshman, which could translate into a successful rookie season in the NFL.

Year  Tackles  Solo  Interceptions  TD

2005          11       6                0                  0

2006          34      22              4                   1

2007          36      22              5                   1

2008         44      31               6                   2


Overall    125     81             15                  4


He also has a knack for the big play in the big game 

@Boston College 

                               Tackles   Solo  Interceptions  TD

@Boston C-          6                 5             1                  1

Year Avg. -          3.6              2.5           .5                 0.1 


As this shows, he is not the kind of player that disappears in big games, but furthermore, shines in them. 


Harris is a well-built athlete with amazing skills. A really aggressive defender who jams receivers at the line, making it difficult for them to run successful routes, which makes his pass defense abilities even better. He has good foot work, and doesn´t have trouble flipping his hips in transition. One of his most impressing characteristics, are his excellent instincts, which allow him to immediately locate the ball in the air, and display great timing in pass defense. He also has a knack for the big play, averaging 1 interception every 2 games in his senior season. Also, he is a good punt and kick returner, having a 100 yd kick return in his resume.He is a quick and fierce defender against the run, but could improve his tackling. 


  • Ideal CB size. 
  • Nasty and aggressive
  • Big Hitter
  • Pro Ready 
  • Good Speed
  • Interception Artist 
  • Big Play 




Sometimes "Macho" Harris is overly aggressive and gets beaten by the double move, and this is talking college ball. Also, he jumps routes too quickly. Doesn´t have that top-10 prospect make up speed. Has played a lot of positions through high school and college so he has a lot to learn about the CB position. Could have trouble staying focused off the field and on the playbook. 


  • Overly Agressive
  • Doesn´t have great speed 
  • Needs improved tackling in running game 


I, personally, think he is a stud. A good enough corner to take care of the other team´s deepest threat. An aggressive player that will make up his lack of speed with toughness at the line and that won´t give up to many yards after the catch. Furthermore, we need a playmaker on defense, sort of like Andre Goodman at the end of the season, and what better way to put it that his own coach when asked what kind of player "Macho" Harris is:

"A Game Changer" 


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