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Pennington comes in 2nd in MVP voting

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Congratulations to Chad Pennington!

Sure, it was Peyton Manning who won the MVP award today, gaining 32 of the 50 votes.  But Chad picked up 4 votes, which was tied for 2nd place in the balloting.

And just think about that for a moment.  A quarterback that the Dolphins signed off of a divisional rival's scrap heap just 4 weeks before the start of the regular season came in 2nd place in the Most Valuable Player voting.  Remarkable; truly remarkable.

So Pennington's 2008 looks like this:

  • Dumped by his long-time team for the "All-World" QB
  • Signed by former team's hated rival
  • Leads that team to 11 wins - a 10 win turnaround - and a division title (by beating his former team and their "All-World" in week 17 in front of his former fans)
  • Will be the starting QB in a home playoff game
  • Wins Comeback Player of the Year
  • Comes in 2nd place in MVP voting

Not a bad 4 months for Mr. Pennington, huh?  And it's all well-deserved for the "workaholic" QB and offensive captain of the Miami Dolphins!