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AFC Championship Game Open Thread

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Very good first game of the day.  Congrats to the Arizona Cardinals on their 1st ever trip to the Super Bowl.  Who woulda thunk it?  Now onto game #2:



This should be a tough, physical battle up in Pittsburgh.  And like many of you, I'll be rooting hard for the Steelers to demolish the Ravens.  Last week, the Titans really beat up Baltimore but committed too many turnovers and lost a game they probably shouldn't have.  But this week, the Steelers are a team that's "been there before."  I wouldn't expect Pittsburgh to just hand over the game to the Ravens like Tennessee did.  Ben Roethlisberger is a player who is at his best, it seems, at crunchtime.  And I'll take him over the rookie Joe Flacco any day.  And while everyone talks about Baltimore's defense, it's the Steelers defense that ranked #1 in the NFL in total defense, scoring defense, 3rd down defense, and passing defense while being ranked 2nd in rushing defense (only trailing Minnesota).