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How the C.B.A. affects Ronnie Brown

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We've already touched on the fact that Ronnie Brown has just 1 year remaining on his contract.  You'll remember that one local writer believes the Dolphins will make a low-ball extension offer to Ronnie sometime before the season to see if they get him to bite.

You'll also remember that we talked about how an "uncapped" 2010 season would work if the players and owners don't come to terms on a new collective bargaining agreement by next off-season.

But here's something to consider.  Ronnie Brown will only have 5 years accrued by next off-season, when he is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent.  However, if the 2010 season is "uncapped," Ronnie Brown will not become an unrestricted free agent.  Per the rules of the current C.B.A., Brown will fall short of the necessary 6 accrued years to become an unrestricted free agent in the event of an "uncapped" season - rather than the currently necessary 4 years.  Instead, Ronnie would be a restricted free agent - meaning the Dolphins would get a chance to match any offer that is made to him by another team.  And assuming the Dolphins make the highest "qualifying offer" to Ronnie, losing Brown to another team would likely result in getting in return that team's 1st and 3rd round draft picks.

Therefore, re-signing Brown to an extension may not be a high priority for the front office.  After all, if a new C.B.A. isn't reached, the Dolphins will have every opportunity to bring Ronnie back to Miami if they so choose.  So it would make sense that the Dolphins make a fairly low offer to Brown to see if he bites at it and, if he doesn't, then wait to see how this C.B.A. issue plays out.  If there is a new agreement reached and 2010 isn't uncapped, then the Dolphins would have to aggressively try to re-sign Brown before he hits the open market - if they indeed want him back.

And I'll go on record and say that letting Ronnie leave as an unrestricted free agent would be a colossal mistake by this regime.