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Divisional Playoffs Open Thread: Sunday Edition

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Well yesterday's games were interesting.  Chad Pennington is officially off the hook for owning the season's worst "big-game" performance - thanks to Jake Delhomme and his 5 interception game.  And now a #4 seed and #6 seed have moved into their respective conference championship games. 

So who had the Cardinals and Ravens as conference title game participants back in August?  Anyone?

Now it's time to see who will face off against yesterday's winners in next week's conference championship games.  Quickly, my thoughts on this afternoon's 2 games.



This is an interesting game between two division rivals.  Each team won on the other's home field in their 2 meetings of '08.  The Giants will obviously look to run the ball all game, using Brandon Jacobs to wear down Philly's defense and set up Derrick Ward for big runs against a tired defense later in the game.  The Eagles, on the other hand, will try to stop the run and will bring pressure all game at Eli Manning.  The question for the defending Super Bowl champs is if Manning can make the plays that he'll need to make without a receiver like Plaxico Burress as a target.  If he can't, the Eagles could leave Jersey with the win.


This is going to be a tough game for San Diego to win.  They are traveling to Pittsburgh, where it's expected to be cold, windy, and potentially snowy.  Not ideal conditions for any team, nevermind a team from southern California.  I'm very interested in seeing just how the Chargers plan on attacking this talented Steelers' defense.  Part of me wants to see SD attempt to spread them out.  But in those weather conditions, that might not be a good idea.  When all is said and done, I think the Steelers and their NFL-best defense will find a way to win an ugly one.

So enjoy the games today!

I'll see you back here tonight/tomorrow morning.