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Dolphins sign a guard; bad sign for Donald Thomas?

Early this morning, there were some rumblings that claimed rookie starting guard Donald Thomas was more seriously hurt than he was letting on.  That same story reported that the Dolphins cut Boomer Grigsby and signed a FB to replace him.  It also claimed that the Dolphins had added another guard to take Thomas' roster spot because Thomas would likely be out for the season.

Then it became official that the Dolphins did indeed add FB Casey Cramer and cut Grigsby.  And now the Dolphins have indeed added that free agent guard.  His name is Evan Mathis.  Mathis was a 3rd round pick of the Panthers in 2005 and started 15 games for Carolina at right guard back in 2006 - Dan Henning's final season as offensive coordinator of the Panthers.

So could this mean that Donald Thomas is more seriously hurt than originally thought?  I guess we'll find out soon enough.  But things don't look good right now.