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Dolphins vs Jets: Prediction Time

It's almost here!!!

Kick-off is now inching ever so close.  So now is the time to make some predictions.  And to start, let's take a quick look at some picks made by random media members:

Bill Simmons - Dolphins Greg Cote - Dolphins
Scouts, Inc. - Dolphins Armando Salguero - Jets
Merrill Hodge - Jets The Harmon Forecast - Dolphins
Ron Jaworksi - Jets Pete Prisco - Dolphins
Mark Schlareth - Jets Clark Judge - Dolphins
Chris Mortensen - Dolphins Adam Schein - Dolphins
Mike Golic - Jets
Jay Glazer - Jets
Peter King - Jets Alex Marvez - Jets

Clearly, this game isn't as cut and dry as some seem to think it will be.  So now, I guess it's time for me to make my pick. 

As much as it pains me, I do think the Jets will pull this game out.  But it's going to be a close game, I feel, and it will be determined in the 4th quarter.  Generally, that would be a good thing for the Dolphins because of the heat taking its toll on the opposition.  But I can see the Jets making a few more plays in a tight game than the Dolphins make, whether they are long scoring plays or conversions on 3rd down.  Even though the "homer" in me want to pick the Dolphins, with a gun to my head, I'd have to say the Jets find a way to just squeeze out the win.

But more importantly, what do you all say?  Now's the time to make your picks.  Tell us who wins and why - and even tell us your "player of the game" prediction.