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Ricky Williams to start, but Ronnie to play a lot

At his post-practice press conference, Tony Sparano finally made official what everyone presumed to be true:  Ricky Williams will start the game at running back on Sunday.  However, he did say that Ronnie Brown will also "play a bunch."  About his decision, Sparano just cited that this is how they've been practicing right now and that Ricky has obviously played more than Ronnie has. 

In my opinion, though, this doesn't really matter.  I think either back could start and either back could come off the bench and it wouldn't be a big deal.  The important thing to remember is that the Dolphins have two great, physical backs who will attempt to pound the Jets' defense on Sunday all game long.

Sparano also declared that no decision has been made as to which wide receiver, Derek Hagan or Greg Camarillo, will start opposite of Ted Ginn on Sunday.  He said that he still needs to watch the film, but that both have practiced well this week.  Sparano did confess that Camarillo has indeed been working as a starter this week, but acknowledged that Hagan had a good week of practice despite being moved down.  Look for this decision to be a game-time one - at least in terms of when we find out.

Other quick notes:

  • The team is aware of the impending hurricane next week and said that if they need to, they are working on plans to move to another facility someplace to practice next week.
  • Look for a combination of return men depending on the "situation" - as Sparano says.  According to Tony, Ted Ginn, Patrick Cobbs, and Davone Bess will all "play a little bit" back there.
  • As far as working out Chad Jackson, Sparano says they are just "taking a look."  He added my favorite line of his, saying that it's just "flipping over another rock."