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NFL Season Predictions Thread

I know this is a Dolphins' site and all.  But I'm sure there are many out there who are more than just Dolphin fans - they are football fans in general.  So this thread is for all of you.  It's time to make your picks. 

My picks are after the jump.  Check them out and then be sure to give us your picks for 2008 below in the comments section.

East Patriots Cowboys
North Steelers Vikings
South Colts Saints
West Chargers Seahawks
Wild-Card #1 Jaguars Giants
Wild-Card #2 Texans Packers

AFC Championship:  Chargers over Patriots
NFC Championship:  Cowboys over Saints
Super Bowl:  Chargers over Cowboys

Just a few quick thoughts on my picks.  First off, I'll admit that I'm worried about injuries with the Chargers.  It seems like all of their key players are either injured or are coming off of injuries (Rivers, Tomlinson, Gates, Merriman).  But it just seems like they are ready to finally take that next step.  I really think they should have beaten the Pats last year in the AFC title game and they'll get their chance at redemption this year.

I really love the Saints this year and I think if only they had a better secondary, they would win the NFC.  Drew Brees is perfect for that offense in New Orleans because of how great his field vision is and how accurate he is.  I'd be shocked if Brees didn't throw for at least 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns.

And you might be surprised that I have the Texans as the final AFC playoff team.  But I really think they are a sleeper team in '08.  Matt Schaub is a very good QB if he can stay healthy.  But if he can't Sage Rosenfels might be the best backup QB in the entire league.  I love Andre Johnson - he might be the most under-rated WR in the NFL.  And look out for Steve Slaton at running back.  The rookie out of West Virginia won't be a feature back.  But I think he will get the majority of the carries by mid-season and he is as explosive as they come.  And who can forget about that young, exciting defense.  Mario Williams can easily be a 15+ sack player.  DeMeco Ryans is a stud at middle linebacker.  The only worry I have is at cornerback, where Dunta Robinson will be out until at least week 7 after being placed on the PUP list.  But the acquisition of Eugene Wilson will help a little bit.  Last year, Houston was 8-8.  With a little luck, 10 wins in 2008 is definitely obtainable.

So those are my picks.  But we need to hear yours...