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Lineup changes ahead for Dolphins

With the Dolphins back at practice today for the first time since Sunday's debacle in Arizona, it seems as though some lineup changes could be ahead for this Sunday's game against the Patriots.

Here's what we know, at least based on the media's ability to attend the first half hour of practice:

  • Ernest Wilford continues to drop passes and seems to be either the team's 4th or 5th WR - with Derek Hagan being the other.
  • Ted Ginn is back to being on the field in 3 WR sets, lining up with Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess.
  • Chris Crocker seems to have lost his job.  But no, he's not being replaced by Jason Allen.  He's being replaced, potentially, by Renaldo Hill.
  • Ronnie Brown lined up with the first team, with Ricky Williams dropped to second team.

So we'll have to see if these lineup changes stick or not throughout the week.  One other note, the RG spot still seemingly belongs to Ike Ndukwe - at least for today.