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Dolphins vs Cardinals: Prediction Time

Miami dolphins - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 14.0 277.0 (25th) 228.0 (9th) 49.0 (30th)
Def 20.0 293.0 (12th-T) 181.0 (17th) 112.0 (18th)

arizona cardinals - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 23.0 285.0 (23rd) 176.0 (18th) 109.0 (16th)
Def 13.0 291.0 (11th) 183.0 (19th) 108.0 (15th-T)

It's time to make your picks for this weekend's game.  Above are the team stats and rankings for both the Fins and Cards.  Below are just some of the "expert" picks.

Bill Simmons - Dolphins Chris Mortensen - Cardinals
Scouts, Inc - Cardinals Tom Jackson - Cardinals
Ron Jaworski - Cardinals Peter King - Cardinals
Mark Sclereth - Cardinals Pete Prisco - Cardinals
Mike Golic - Cardinals Harmon Forecast - Cardinals
Mike Ditka - Cardinals Clark Judge - Cardinals

Last week, you'll remember that my sampling of "experts" was far more even.  But this week, it's clear everybody is on the Cardinals' bangwagon.  And for the record, the most accurate at picking games last week was Ditka, who was 14-2.

Now last week, I correctly pick the Jets to win a close one.  This week, I again think the Dolphins will lose a close game.  I feel that the Fins will be able to run the ball much better than last week.  But I just don't see how this defense - and the secondary, in particular - will be able to contain the best receiver duo in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.  They are perfect compliments to each other in that their styles of play are unique in their own way.  But both are big and physical and I think this Miami secondary is going to have a very long day.  The only way the Dolphins could potentially speak by would if the front 7 can get pressure on Kurt Warner and if the Dolphin wide receivers make some plays and help out Chad Pennington and the offense.

So once again, (and I'm sure I'll get flamed) I will pick the Cards to win.  So tell me what you think below.  Either tell me why I'm going to be wrong (which I hope I am) or tell me why you agree with me...