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Sparano calls Sunday's game vs. Cardinals a "must-win"

Is there such thing as a "must-win game" in week 2 of the NFL season?  I don't think so, though only 19 teams since 1990 have made the playoffs after starting a season 0-2.  Of course, the Giants just last year started 0-2 and then won the Super Bowl.

But hose points are moot when you talk about this Dolphins team.  After all, nobody really thinks of this team as a playoff team, right? 

Well apparently Tony Sparano feels that Sunday's week 2 game in Arizona is indeed a "must-win" for the Dolphins.  At his press briefing today, Sparano says:

"I feel like when you lose your first game of the season that your second game is a must-win no matter what. I think every week in this league is a must-win in my mind, but when you’re trying to change a culture, there are no kind of wins.  They are all must-wins when you’re trying to change a culture. That being said, we know that last week we lost a ballgame that maybe we didn’t play as well as we could have in. I think that makes this game a whole lot more important, yes."

Alright, so I understand what Sparano is trying to do - sending a message to his players, hoping they perform far better than last week against the Jets.  But then what happens if the Dolphins, who are 7-point underdogs, do end up losing on Sunday?  What does he say then?  Is the season over with a loss on Sunday?

You see, usually the term "must-win" is used in big games late in the season that have major playoff implications of some kind.  But Sunday's game really has no major significance.  After all, only 1/8th of the season will be over come Sunday night.  So what happens to the remaining 7/8ths of the season if the Dolphins lose this "must-win"?

Maybe I'm crazy here, but this seems like a bad move by Sparano.  Call it a "rookie mistake" if you want, but I just don't think that calling this particular game on Sunday a "must-win" was a good idea.

But then again, if the Dolphins pull the game out somehow, some people might start calling Sparano a genius who know exactly how to motivate his team. 

So what do you all think?  Good move?  Bad move?