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Everybody relax: Ted Ginn still a starter

Yesterday, somebody asked why I wouldn't respond to the news that Derek Hagan was working ahead of Ted Ginn at receiver - meaning Ginn potentially was dropped down the depth chart.

Well, now you know why. 

Tony Sparano said today that Ted Ginn is indeed still a starter.  So everyone freaked out yesterday over nothing.  Sparano refers to those kinds of changes in practice as experiments.  Says Sparano:

"Every day we go out there on the practice field, every game that we play it's a tryout.  We're still trying to find the right pieces to the puzzle as we get onto the games. We need to see consistency come out of some of these guys, and they know they need to be consistent."

So why did everyone seem to freak out yesterday when Ginn was overtaken - at practice, that is - by Derek Hagan?  I blame the media.  They love to blow things out of proportion.

Here's my take on this situation.  Ted Ginn is still a starter and will be a starter all season.  It serves no purpose for him not to get as much experience as he can.  He's still a very young player with a lot to learn.  So why was Hagan ahead of Ginn at least during the media portion of practice?  My theory is that they are preparing for situations where Greg Camarillo and Hagan line up as outside receivers, with Ted Ginn lined up in the slot - where he should be as often as possible because of his speed.

But for now, everyone take a deep breath and relax.  Ted Ginn is still starting.  Now he just needs to produce a little bit.