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Source: Beck has "two more weeks"

Well you know how I'm going to feel about this.  But let's see what you all think.

Pro Football Weekly is reporting that John Beck's days in Miami could be numbered:

Pennington’s recent signing with the Dolphins is likely to end second-year QB John Beck’s brief stay in Miami. “They’re going to give John two more weeks to show what he can do, but if he continues his awful play, he’s out of here,” a team insider told PFW. “He’s been terrible throughout camp, and there’s no way four quarterbacks are going to make the final roster. He’s not one of (executive VP of football operations Bill) Parcells’ guys, and they have no loyalty to him.”

Again, like I always do, the thing I'll question here is who the source is.  Is somebody really going against Bill Parcells and company and their "keeping things quiet" policy?  Why would a "team insider" give out information like this? 

Regardless, I'd be a little disheartened if this was true.  After all, John really isn't getting a fair shake here in Miami.  But that's the way this league works, I suppose.

Of course, I'm a Miami Dolphins fan first.  So I'll always be on their side, like many of you.  But I just don't see what the benefit is to waiving Beck and keeping Josh McCown on the roster.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Either way, John is going to need to step up his game and prove to everyone that he is worthy of remaining a Dolphin.  The pressure is on this kid.  Let's see how he reacts.

Tonight will be his first opportunity to prove he should remain with this team.