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Cam Cameron must have learned from his mistakes

Maybe this is just me, but this really angers me. 

You'll remember that last season, the plan for John Beck was supposed to be to sit out all year and learn behind Trent Green.  Then after Green went down to injury, it was Cleo Lemon who took over - because Cam Cameron wanted to stick to his plan for John Beck.  Somewhere in the middle of Lemon's poor outings, Cameron decided to get John ready in matter of a week or two to take over as starter - deviating from the plan.  John clearly was ill prepared and he struggled - and potentially hurt his confidence for the future.

But now in Baltimore as the offensive coordinator, Cameron has apparently changed his tune.  I guess he has learned from one of his mistakes last year.  And this quote from Cameron, which is in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated, shows that he now is open to having a rookie QB start:

"LeBron James was dominating the NBA at 18.  Michelle Wie was a pro golfer at, what, 13?  Let's not go making it so impossible to play quarterback in the NFL as a rookie."

Huh??  Are you friggin' kidding me??  Seriously??

You know, maybe if Cam took that attitude last year early on in camp, he would have had John Beck much more prepared to get into a game rather than having John work with the 3rd team in camp and then with the scout team for the first half of the regular season. 

Unreal.  Simply unreal.