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Thursday Practice Reports

Well today is the final practice before Saturday's preseason opener at home against the Buccaneers.  Below will be some practice reports from today's session:

Highlights include:

-Donald Thomas and John Beck open working with the first team
-Edgar Thompson has been watching the QBs' entire body of work today and he has been most impressed with Beck
-During 7-on-7s, Beck throws a nice pass to Jayson Foster running a post pattern and follows it up with a "beautiful" deep bomb to David Kircus for a TD of about 50 yards
-But Henne follows that up by throwing a slant to Ted Ginn in traffic and then hitting Derek Hagan with a nice completion on a square in
-During 11-on-11s, Beck throws a "great pass" to Davone Bess on a square in, leading him "perfectly"
-Patrick Cobbs continues to impress, both on offense and on special teams
-Dan Carpenter goes 4 for 4 on FGs, all in the 40 to 45 yard range

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Highlights include:

-The offense actually moving the ball against the defense
-John Beck threw a nice TD pass to David Kircus - who was open all day
-Josh McCown also looked sharper today
-Matt Roth actually looks pretty good dropping into coverage
-Ted Ginn and Ernest Wilford actually made key catches on 3rd down plays
-Derek Hagan "had a few drops today"