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REPORT: Dolphins reach out to Pennington (updated)

Well this didn't take too long, did it? Sure, we all figured this might happen, but already?

The Palm Beach Post reports that Bill Parcells, who drafted Chad Pennington, has already made early inquiries into him:

Bill Parcells and the Dolphins haven’t wasted any time reaching out to Pennington’s agent, Tom Condon, an NFL source said.

This was to be expected, I suppose. We all know how much Bill loves "his players" - almost in a mancrush kind of way it seems.

Now listen, I'm not one of those guys who doesn't want Pennington in Miami simply because he's a former Jet. But I'm not 100% for this, nor am I 100% against it. I'm very curious to know who the odd man out would be here. Is it Josh McCown, who this regime just signed a few months back? Is it John Beck?

Things are bound to get mighty interesting here.

**UPDATE 3:08pm** The Miami Herald also reports that the Dolphins are indeed interested in Pennington. Jeff Darlington writes:

Miami vice president of football operations Bill Parcells, who served in a similar role with the Jets in 2000 when the team drafted Pennington, currently has interest in acquiring the quarterback once again.

The team engaged in preliminary discussions with Pennington's agent, Tom Condon, about a potential acquisition early Thursday afternoon, two sources said Thursday.

The article also throws out the idea that Pennington might have to be assured of the starting job if he was to come here to Miami due to the interest other teams will likely have in him once he is released. Darlington cites the Chiefs, Vikings, and Bears as other teams who might have interest.

And remember, Herm Edwards always liked Chad in New York. Might they be willing to offer more than Miami? Kansas City has the cap room, that's for sure. [end update]

**UPDATE 8:00pm** Both Adam Schefter and Armando Salguero are reporting that the Vikings are not interested in Pennington. The Dolphins or Chiefs seem to be the most likely destination for Pennington. [end update]