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Tuesday Practice Reports

Only one practice today.  I'll be posting up some of the reports as they come in and as time allows me to.

Highlights incude:

-Donald Thomas still working as starting RG
-Chad Henne had a good day (at least in the drills), throwing "a perfect deep ball" to Ted Ginn for a 45-yard strike and another deep ball to Selwyn Lymon that was perfectly placed but dropped
-Nothing to really note from the 11-on-11s except that Josh McCown throws a ball right into the hands of Travis Daniels - but he drops the interception
-It seems like all the receivers are having trouble catching the ball
-Brandon Fields doing a great job of pinning the opposition deep inside the 20 yard line

Highlights include:

-Ernest Wilford left practice early, reportedly with cramps
-Josh McCown "had a tough day" - throwing 3 interceptions, including 2 on back-to-back plays
-Both Beck and Henne "seemed to be pretty good today"
-Aramando spoke with's Dr. Z; Zimmerman said he'd vote for Thomas for the Hall of Fame, but wasn't so sure about Taylor

Highlights include:

-Omar Kelly says John Beck had another good day, while Josh McCown is struggling
-Kelly says that the "coaches wanted to see which QB could move the offense with the worst talent around him and it appears that Beck is getting the job done."
-Omar still believes Henne has been the best QB, but Beck might be making his move up ahead of McCown
-Joey Porter had 4 sacks today
-Will Allen and Nathan Jones continue to be interception machines
-Davone Bess made some good catches, but also had "some HUGE drops"
-Jake Long is improving big time - not having trouble with speed rushers as much anymore