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Monday Morning Practice Reports

Two practices today.  The first one is over.  The second will begin at around 5 pm tonight.  Below are the reports.

Highlights include:

-Ronnie Brown making one-handed catches in the endzone during drills
-Brandon Fields punting from his own endzone and "booming them past midfield"
-During 11-on-11, Beck has 2 TD passes dropped (one each by Fasano and Mulligan)
-Chad Henne "doesn't do much" - throwing some quick outs and a swing pass
-McCown finishes the day with a TD pass to Mulligan
-Ben Volin gets the feeling that Ricky and Ronnie are going to be major factors in the passing game

Highlights include:

-Donald Thomas still working as starting right guard
-Derek Hagan was working in place of Ernest Wilford, as a starter opposite Ted Ginn
-It appears that Channing Crowder will wear the "talking helmet"
-Jake Long "ate Vonnie Holliday for lunch" during 1 on 1 drills
-Anthony Fasano went through his worst practice so far - and Sparano let him know about it
-Edmond Miles appears to be holding of Kelvin Smith and Kelly Poppinga for one of the reserve ILB jobs