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Cut-down Day Open Thread

So today's the big day.  For roughly 17 more players currently on Miami's roster, today represents their final days in Miami - though some could land on the practice squad, but we won't know that until Monday.  And speaking of Monday, keep in mind that the waiver process for players with 4 years of experience or less takes 48 hours.  So if the Dolphins put in a claim for anyone, we won't know about it until at least Monday.

So with that said, use this thread to discuss any of the cuts, either by the Dolphins or by other teams.  It'll be easier for everyone if we keep info about the cuts all in one place.

Also, other than the 3 Miami-area newspapers and the team's official website, other sites to visit often to see if Miami's cuts have been announced are's news blog section and, of course, PFT

I likely won't be around much today, so I'm going to rely on you guys and gals to keep this place up to date with our roster cuts!

**UPDATE 3:04 pm** First cut has been announced.  Safety Courtney Bryan was released by the Dolphins, according to a text message he sent out.

**UPDATE 3:51 pm** Next player cut?  Reagan Mauia, according to the PBP.  That likely means that Boomer Grigsby has made the team.