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Community Projections: Ted Ginn Jr.

Alright.  It's time to continue on with our community projections.

But first, a look at what the results were for our Chad Pennington projection:

14 games, 212/328, 64.6%, 2510 yards, 17 TDs, 10 Ints, 7.65 YPA, 92.4 rating

That seems fair, with per game averages of 15/23 for 179 yards.

Now moving along, let's talk about our young, 2nd year receiver: Ted Ginn.  You can see his rookie year stats right here as well as how some of the game's top receivers fared in year #2 of their careers right here.

Also, please note the format I've requested for the stat projections, as it makes it easier for me to total them up this way.  The format is:

games, receptions, yards, touchdowns, receptions of 40+ yards, total return TDs

So get at it below...