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Ronnie Brown to play on Thursday night

Good news for all Dolphin fans:  Ronnie Brown isn't wearing his cast anymore.  In fact, Ronnie has been practicing without the cast since Monday.  And Tony Sparano is saying that Brown will indeed play on Thursday night in the preseason finale against the Saints.  Says Sparano:

"We're just going to take him out there, go through pre-game warm-ups, do those kinds of things, and then I'd like to try to play him. And we'll see whether or not we can get some carries."

Now Brown claimed immediately after the game in Jacksonville that he would have been able to remain in the game if it was the regular season.  In fact, when asked after that game if he could have stayed in, he replied emphatically by saying, "Ain't no question."

Last week, while sitting out of practice to protect the thumb, Brown was able to get in some more rehab on his knee - continuing to strengthen it up. 

Now we'll hopefully get to see Ronnie get some more game action on Thursday in New Orleans.