That hurts a little. I kinda like Merling at LB sometimes,thats exciting. He has the skills, but needs better footwork technique. I believe Merling can play all over the place, he is that kind of player. With his speed and instincts I think the pass coverage wont be a problem.

This isnt good news. I knew he was hurting, but i didnt know it was this bad. It sounds like he gave it a go last week, and is paying for it now. Parcells doesnt like injuries,or the guys they are attached to. Hopefully it gets taken care of,but i noticed during the game that Joey Porter kinda looked like the stiff we saw most of last season,and not like the player we payed for. His money could have gone to better players this off-season(maybe even Calvin Pace). Lets hope for the best. Joey Porter isnt the future, but healthy he is a heck of a now. Some veteran leadership would be usefull this year. Cross your fingers!

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