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Chad Pennington officially named starting QB

As expected, Tony Sparano today officially named Chad Pennington the team's starting quarterback following his 11/15, 94 yard, and 1 TD performance on Saturday night.

This comes as no shock, as most just assumed Pennington would be handed the starting job when he signed with Miami.  But much to the delight of Dolphin fans, including myself, Pennington wasn't simply handed the job - he earned with with terrific play despite just being with the team for 2 weeks.

Penning, on being named the starter, said:

"I'm excited about the opportunity to lead this team. We've worked extremely hard over the last two weeks. And I'm proud to be a Miami Dolphin."

He should have also added that he can't wait to beat up on the team that just released him come opening day, but I guess he's too classy to say that.  But I bet he was thinking it.

And below, you can see Pennington's reaction after Sparano told him he was the starter.  He immediately put his uniform and pads back on and leaped into the arms of the guy whose ass he will place his hands under as a way to make a living.


OK...maybe not...